Laser Excitation
Ultrafast TiSapphire Oscillator
Legend OPA 600nm
Legend OPA
Legend Amplifier Crystal
Synchronous Pumped Dye Lasers
Inscribing Fiber Bragg grating
Pump-probe at 77K
Pumping TiSapphire Laser
Pump-probe using OPAs
Pump-probe with Ti:Sapphire Oscillator
Legend OPAs pump-probe setup
Multipass Ultrafast Amplifier
Excitation 500nm 45fs pulses
Excitation 266nm 100fs PL
Laser Excitation
Optical pump-probe setup
Pump probe 100fs setup
RegA pump-probe setup
RegA pump probe setup


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Recent Research Work

Observation of the Direct Energy Band Gaps of Defect-Tolerant Cu3N by Ultrafast Pump-Probe Spectroscopy


Single-Exciton Gain and Stimulated Emission Across the Infrared Telecom Band from Robust Heavily Doped PbS Colloidal Quantum Dots


Low-Threshold, Highly Stable Colloidal Quantum Dot Short-Wave Infrared Laser enabled by Suppression of Trap-Assisted Auger Recombination

Doping and Conductivity Limitations in Sb:SnO2 Nanowires Grown by the Vapor Liquid Solid Mechanism 

Review Manuscripts

This article reviews the status of ultrafast carrier and phonon dynamics in semiconductors

This article reviews the technology of Bragg gratings in optical fibers