Laser Excitation
Ultrafast TiSapphire Oscillator
Legend OPA 600nm
Legend OPA
Legend Amplifier Crystal
Synchronous Pumped Dye Lasers
Inscribing Fiber Bragg grating
Pump-probe at 77K
Pumping TiSapphire Laser
Pump-probe using OPAs
Pump-probe with Ti:Sapphire Oscillator
Legend OPAs pump-probe setup
Multipass Ultrafast Amplifier
Excitation 500nm 45fs pulses
Excitation 266nm 100fs PL
Laser Excitation
Optical pump-probe setup
Pump probe 100fs setup
RegA pump-probe setup
RegA pump probe setup

Laboratory of Ultrafast Science


Short pulses of electromagnetic radiation generated by lasers enable us to study fundamental mechanisms and interactions in matter. Our objective is the study of ultrafast interactions and processes in novel material.

Pump-probe measurements of Copper Nitride  at 77K